Curry Lentil Soup

Curry Lentil Soup

Today I made curry lentil soup with carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, baby kale, baby chard, and baby spinach. I topped my bowl of soup with a poached egg. A nice simple meal before a long night at work!

What is your favorite kind of soup?

Added 11:16PM:

Here’s the recipe:
some olive oil
1/2 c chopped onions (I’m just guessing amounts here, as much as I thought I’d eat)
1/2 c chopped celery
1/2 c chopped carrots
3 garlic cloves, chopped
ginger, grated (I don’t know how much… 1/2 t?)
1 can of diced tomatoes (15oz)
1 quart of veggie or chicken broth (I didn’t end up using all of it… depends how thick you want your soup)
1 bottle of Trader Joes Red Curry Sauce
1 c green lentils (rinsed)
some leafy greens (I used baby kale, chard, and spinach)

I sauteed in oil the carrots, onions, and celery for about 10 minutes. Then I threw in the garlic and ginger for one minute. Then some salt and pepper. Then add the can of tomatoes, the broth, the curry sauce, and the lentils. Heated it to a boil, then simmered until the lentils were cooked through (maybe 30-40 min?) Then I added the leafy greens at the end so they would wilt. Then the poached egg, which I like, but the soup is perfectly yummy on its own! Enjoy!


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