Recycling Veggies

Recycled Veggies: Part I

The mirepoix was a week old. So were the sliced mushrooms. And bag of spinach.

Don’t you hate it when you go to the store and buy all this produce, planning to cook up a storm… and then it just sits in your fridge because the rest of your life takes over?

Finally one day it was decided – eat it now or never.

So first they all went into the pan and sauteed, then put over a bowl of pasta for a quick dinner. The next day though… man, that just didn’t sound appetizing.  How to recycle the veggies that I already cooked?

Solution: SOUP!

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Q’s Recycled Veggies Soup
Sautee veggies (carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, spinach), put to the side.
Cook some pasta, put to the side (in my case, brown rice quinoa fusilli pasta)
In a pot, heat up:
Chicken broth and water, ginger slices, garlic, can of tomatoes, can of white beans, salt, pepper to taste.
Once soup is done, combine your own dish – pasta, veggies, and soup.

Recycled Veggies: Part II
Just saw this at our neighborhood gift shop store; isn’t this such a neat idea? A bowl made out of dehydrated snow peas! Enjoy!

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